Indigestion From Garlic? Here’s How To Make Garlic Oil & Solve The Problem

I used to love putting large quantities of garlic in my meals because garlic gives so much flavour to your food. But one day that all changed and I started getting indigestion from garlic, it’s terrible! Even if I go out for a meal and the dish has a little too much garlic, I’ll end up with reflux, a burning windpipe, and burping for hours, it’s very unpleasant.

Thankfully there is still a way to get all that flavour into your food without the stomach upsets!

My partner is an exchef from years back and showed me a technique the chefs use in the kitchen all the time, making garlic oil. So today I’ve got a super simple recipe and cooking class that will show you how to make your own garlic oil and overcome your indigestion issues! Then you can still enjoy your cooking without any problems.

How To Make Your Own Garlic Oil

Author: Jedha~Good Food
  • ½ cup organic garlic cloves
  • Olive Oil
  • A jar
  1. Peel all the garlic cloves. Do this by placing a flat edged knife on top of the clove and hitting down firmly to loosen the skin. This makes peeling the skin off a breeze
  2. Place the peeled garlic into a food processor
  3. Blend to mince the garlic, scraping down the edges a few times and bledning again
  4. Put about ¼ to ½ cup oil into the processor and blend again fro about 10-20 seconds
  5. Pour it all into a jar then top up the jar with olive oil
  6. Leave it on the bench at room temperature until the garlic all sinks to the bottom. Then put it in the fridge and scoop out a teaspoon here and there as you need it
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Cooking Class

I hope you’ll give it a try and if you see it in many of my recipes you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Have a great day,


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