Kill Those Sugar Cravings With Gymnema Sylvestre!

Gymnema Sylvestre…what on earth is that?

Sounds like something out of the space age I know. But if you’re looking for a supplement that helps kill those cravings for sugar, then look no further.

In recent times it’s becoming more popularly known, probably because it really works. So let’s learn a bit about it.


All About Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre has been used for centuries in India to treat all kinds of blood sugar issues and diabetes. The active ingredient is known as gymnemic acid and it works to reduce and balance blood sugar levels, which is great for killing sugar cravings!

To tell you the truth this herb appears miraculous in the way it acts on the body! It tricks it into mimicing glucose molecules, blocking the cell receptors in the intestine so you won’t uptake sugar. Interesting don’t you think?

It has a very potent affect on your tastebuds and dulls down your senses to sugar so you don’t feel like eating sugary things. Now when it comes to losing weight one of our main obstacles is to control all the overeating, emotional eating, sweet binge eating, and food cravings that force us to reach for the naughty treats, right?

Well this little herb is a real helper when it comes to these things.

Gymnema Sylvestre is a great herb to use if you are starting any type of diet, or trying to cut down on your carbs and reduce your sugar intake. Some studies claim that it may even help speed up the weight loss process. Unfortunately there’s no real solid evidence to back that claim…yet. But the theory behind it is that the herb may in fact send excess carbs to burn rather than to your fat stores. So even if there’s some partial truth to it, that’s a bonus for those of us wanting to lose weight, right?

Like anything, it’s not a miracle cure on it’s own, you still have to combine it with a healthy diet plan, sticking to good, clean foods. But the most important benefit is it really works to kill sugar cravings. I’ve taken it any time I’ve strayed :), and it’s helped stop my little binge and cravings straight away so I could focus on getting back to my clean eating immediately.

Gymnema Sylvestre Supplements

The supplements come in a variety of forms so I thought I’d share the differences between them so you can make an informed decision about which one to take.

If you’re in the US you can get it in a powdered form, capsules, or even an extract. The powder is more cost effective and acts faster but if you’re not good with weird tastes then I’d probably stick to capsules.

For Aus it’s generally the gymnema capsules or pills you’ll find available.

Gymnema takes a few weeks to really build up and take hold in the body as it tends to build up in your system over time. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an instant effect, it does, but it becomes more potent over time and can be really beneficial alongside a dietary transition.


Just a few things you should know before taking Gymnema Sylvestre. Pregnant and lactating women, people with any type of milkweed allergies, people taking anti-diabetic medication or prescription antidepressants, you should consult your doctor before taking this supplement as gymnema sylvestre may have an adverse affect.

In any case, if you want a helper for those sugar cravings…try gymnema sylvestre. I think I’ll be keeping mine handy for hormonal times and it could be the best way to fight those social overindulgences too

Talk soon


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  1. Karen says

    I heard about this herb and got excited because my sweet tooth is killing my diet. I have some digestive issues and take some herbs (pro-biotic, green coffee, digestive enzyme, glucosomine and garcina c.) so I wondered if Gymnema will have any negative effect with that? Also, what is the correct quantity to take?

    I’m not good with web boards and found you by accident, so if possible, would you email me the answers? :)


  2. EArtha Turner says

    Were do I get this the best Gymnema Sylvestre Supplements from I live in Dalls, Tx help asap answer

  3. Ken Devey says

    I am from New Zealand and now live with my Thailand wife in a village in Thailand and the stuff we eat, a lot of herbs are pulled out of the ground and trees/bushes that are great in foods. These herbs etc are growing wild. It amasses me how tasty they are in food.

    • says

      Best way to have things Kev, straight from the ground! Fresh herbs always make things taste great. Sounds like a good lifestyle to live :)

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