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Menus & Meal Plans

4 Wk Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan

Want to get healthy food on the table every week without having to think about it? This weekly meal planning service will be open soon.

4 Wk Low Carb Prep Ahead Meal Plan

Like to spend 2 hours on a Sunday and have Mon-Fri meals all prepped?
Then this meal plan is for you!

4 Wk Weight Loss meal Plan


4 Weeks 'Done for you' fat burning meal plan with bonus Natural Weight Loss 101 guide, Nutrition 101 guide, and 3 Home Workout Routines.

4 Wk Vegan/ Vegetarian Meal Plan

Fully planned 4 week Vegan/ vegetarian, alkaline based meal plan with bonus food lists and vegan/vegetarian nutrition 101 guide.

4 Week Candida Meal Plan


Eating a restrictive candida diet can be very boring if you don't know what to eat. But this meal plan makes things easy and tasty, includes food lists and candida breads recipe guide.

4 Wk Adrenal Fatigue Meal Plan


4 Week fully planned meal plan for improving adrenal health. Includes compete food guide with food lists, and snack ideas.

eBooks & Programs


Comprehensive program with personal help $97

This 2-Phase program is a step-by-step total dietary transformation. It helps you make the transition to a better eating plan, and then drills down to target inflammation, weight gain, pain, and health conditions.


Choose the basic option or some personal help $37-97

The Adrenal Fatigue Handbook & Meal Plans package is for people with adrenal health issues, or for those who suffer with ongoing stress, lack of sleep, and will provide you with guidance on regaining energy.


Includes 4 week 'done for you' meal plan with loads of candida recipes $24.95

Candida is an invasive bacteria that can cause a variety of health issues, but can also be corrected with a candida cleansing diet, supplements, and lifestyle. This Handbook includes candida meal plans and recipes.



Many people use this plan to get a great kick start to weight loss, kicking bad habits, and getting back on track.
Includes full 7 day meal plan and loads of detox tips.

This Is NOT a Diet Weight Loss Plan


A step-by-step 7 week program to end the dieting cycle and give you sustainable habits for life.
Includes 4 Week Fat Burning Meal Plan, shopping lists, and nutrition guide.

2 x Food Masterclasses


Need more cooking skills to help you eat better? Try these 2 easy cooking classes to fast track healthy eating.